Terms & Conditions

  1. Usage
    1. By using the site you are agreeing to these terms and conditions
  2. Cashback
    1. By using a link from this site you may earn cashback. This is not guaranteed due to the following reasons
      1. The retailer does not give cashback or decided was not a qualifying transaction to receive a commission payment
      2. A cookie from another supplier had already been planted within your browser
      3. We were not the last clickthrough to this site and therefore cashback awarded elsewhere
      4. Not making the purchase when you clicked through
      5. Navigating away from the retailer and then returning at a later date
      6. Repeat purchase
      7. Not logged into your account. By logging into your account a unique ID to you is sent with the click to the retailer.
      8. Your order was returned, cancelled or amended
      9. Cookies were not enabled
    2. Any purchase you make with a retailer is direct with them and not us.
    3. The retailer will share your order ID with us for the purpose of tracking the cashback
    4. Once a retailer has confirmed the click through this will then turn up within your account as Tracked
    5. Once the retailer has confirmed the purchase, the status will change to Confirmed
    6. Once the retailer has made the commission payment to us the status will change to Payable
    7. We reserve the right to adjust any cashback amount during the course of the process due to an error
    8. Any transaction that you report as not being tracked we will investigate such a claim. We reserve the right to decide when to stop investigating such a claim.
    9. The retailers decision is final
    10. Cashback is not held in a legal account such as a bank account and does not become legally yours until you make a withdrawal and it is paid
    11. We may refuse a withdrawal at our discretion
    12. Any cashback not received whether partial or the full amount expected, we will not be liable for the cashback
  3. Paying Out
    1. You can submit a withdrawal request from within your account at anytime
    2. All payment requests are processed within 30 days
    3. There will be a minimum payment request of £25
    4. You may submit a withdrawal request by adding your payment details from within your account.
    5. It is your responsibility to enter your correct payment details
    6. We shall not be responsible for sending the payment to the wrong account if entered incorrectly
    7. Once payment is made there may be a delay with the banking network in receiving the funds within your account where you asked for the withdrawal to be made.
    8. We reserve the right to cancel any withdrawal request if we believe fraudulent activity has taken place
  4. Your Account
    1. The registered email address is the owner of the account
    2. One account per person
    3. If your account is terminated then any cashback will be forfeited
    4. Make sure your email address is your current email address
    5. If an email address is unable to receive emails or you mark us as spam, junk or abusive we may terminate your account
    6. All email addresses will have to be verified
    7. You can manage your cashback, payment details, withdrawals and tickets from your account
    8. You can cancel your account at anytime by using the ticket system from within your account
    9. We can terminate your account if we believe it is being used abusively, fraudulently or in a manner that we do not seem fit
    10. An account may be disabled if you have not logged in for the last 6 months
    11. You must keep you account login details safe at all times
  5. Your Network
    1. By using the sharing links from within your account or around the site, when clicking through a cookie is planted for 30 days, where upon signing up will be allocated to your network
    2. Any cashback that anyone in your network earns, you will also earn cashback
    3. You can review the number of people in your network from within your account
    4. If we suspect abuse or fraudulent activity has taken place then we reserve the right to remove a person from your network
    5. People in your network must be unique and not yourself
  6. General
    1. Although we will try to make our site available 99% of the time, however we reserve the right to restrict access to the site at anytime
    2. We reserve the right to pass on your personal details to a third parties who are associated to us and provide cashback
    3. The content on our site is provided as general information only and is not advice
    4. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage you occur with respect to revenue and savings
    5. We are not responsible for any viruses that may be transmitted and therefore will not be held liable for any loss, damage or interruption to our or your services
    6. You should use your own virus protection software
    7. You must not misuse the site such as
      1. Introduce a virus, worm or trojans or any other type of virus
      2. Try to gain unauthorised access to our software and hardware
      3. Attack our site with a denial of service or any other equivalent type of attack
    8. You can link to our site using the share links from within your account or around the site. The usage of the links have to be fair and legal and does not damage or take advantage of our reputation.
    9. Links to third party sites are provided for information only where you require to make your own decision whether the product is suitable
    10. Links to third party sites we do not guarantee they will work. Please report any broken links using the ticket system from within your account
    11. Links to third party sites the information/ content we have no control over

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime to meet the needs of the business and any legalities

Last Updated: 03rd August 2021